Saturday, July 3, 2010

We're here!

This is the Ghana Airport.  We arrived at 5:00 p.m. Ghana time.  We were greeted by another couple who took us to meet the Area doctor who we will work with when the missionaries are ill. We went to the hotel and discovered that our ankles had disappeared.  15 hours in the air will do that to ya!

Ghana Temple.  It was very beautiful in Ghana and the temple is too.  There was a group from Togo visiting.

This is the waiting area inside the Ghana Airport. We were waiting to get on the flight to Sierra Leone.  Yesterday when we got off the plane, we had to walk through soccer goal posts and there was all sorts of Ghanian flags....very proud of their team.

 This is the road to the water taxi from the airport.  It was all rural and the roads were very very bumpy.  The dirt reminds me of the red Georgia clay and the flora is very much like Okinawa---humidity and heat the same.

We are just leaving the dock in the Water Taxi.  You can see how green it is...I was trying to get a picture of the little children playing in the water as we left.  They were all waving.

Coming into Freetown...

This is the Water Taxi that we rode on.  We had to wear life jackets...It made me think of water skiing at Flathead Lake in Montana.  Bouncy ride with the water spraying....loved it!

These three wonderful missionaries are leaving Sierra Leone to serve missions in Nigeria.  Pres. Roggia set them apart as missionaries the second day we were there....jet lag and all...the work rolls forth.

President and Sister Squires with us as they left.  They were so good to teach us and give us as much information and direction as they could in the time we had together!  Everyone will miss them and their wonderful service to Sierra Leone and Liberia.  We will miss them too and wish we had them in our pocket every time we had another question to ask. They had a long flight ahead of them...they were happy to go home and sad to leave these beautiful people.


Aaron R said...

I love how the water taxi is painted like a yellow cab!

Simply Smith's said...

Too bad Ghana lost in heartbreaker. Glad you guys made it safe. Loving this blog btw.

Melanie said...

You're there! You look great! It was fun reading these posts... we thought you were going to update your other blog, and hadn't seen any (we didn't know about this one). So dean googled "sierra leone freetown mission cathy roggia" and found this one! We're excited to see more pic and read about everything! I thought the water taxi was pretty cool! It was even taxi-cab yellow! :)

PB'nJ said...

So glad you are safe! We feel your absence in our Chaplaincy pocket very much but it is reassuring to see your capable leadership and generous service continue. I think the yellow water taxi looks like fun, and am glad your life jackets were only worn as apparel. Hope you find your ankles!