Thursday, July 29, 2010

Elders Returning home after serving two years

Elders Wisseh, Gifford, Naeata, Anderson and Roberts.  We made lasagna, coleslaw, french bread and yummy donuts.  Again, the Senior Couples did most of the preparations and we did the lasagna.  Gotta have a little Italian with the Roggia's!!
The hamburger here is very lean.  We found lasagna noodles at the Freetown Supermarket plus tomato sauce, chopped tomatoes and some crushed tomatoes.  The onions and garlic were from one of the fruit stands.  (washed in bleach, of course).  Also at the Freetown Supermarket we found some mozerella and cheddar cheese.  Taste is a little different and it crumbles not shreds.  We didn't find any ricotta but who cares, the lasagna tasted mighty fine and there wasn't any leftovers!

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Anonymous said...

rinse with bleach? not with just water that had been boiled? wow!