Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Messima Branch Chapel Then and Now plus a Waterloo Branch!

This is the Messima Chapel rental of the Bo District in October 2010.  It was all open air.  The rain, wind, heat, all came in during Sunday meetings.  No fans, no electricity, no bathrooms, no lights.
This was one of the classrooms during Sunday School and Primary.  But, now....

A new Messima Chapel rental that is closer for everyone!  Most walk or take transport.  Our missionary vehicle is the only one in the compound.
The new Messima Chapel has chairs, lights, generator, fans, sound system, bathrooms, classrooms, branch president's office for computer/MLS and an outdoor font.  What a wonderful blessing for these good Saints in Bo!  
April 7th, the Messima Branch and New Barracks Branch were realigned.  It was a special day for everyone. This is the New Barracks Branch.
This is the Messima Branch.
Sweet little girls
The Waterloo Branch was created April 14th.  It is part of the Freetown East District.  A rental chapel is being leased and renovated.  We have two sets of missionaries in their branch.  It was long awaited and the joy was evident in everyone's face. Don't you just love it?  This IS a marvelous work and a wonder!

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Sarah C said...

Seeing that Messima chapel in Bo is quite something! After following your blog about this place and seeing what wonderful things have been done there I sort of get a lump in my throat. Way to go Roggia's - you two are, as always, at your best when you are mentoring and guiding others on the Lord's path.