Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Arrivals from the Ghana MTC: Sierra Leone

Coming off the Hovercraft about 4:45 p.m.  Three Elders and one Sister. The other half of the new missionaries: Sister Addo, Elder Dahlin, Elder Park, Elder LaMont and Elder Kamara arrive in Liberia tomorrow afternoon.  We will see them on Sunday.  I will post their picture as soon as possible.
Elder Gherkins, Elder Losee, Elder Gyewu-Appiah and Sister Apiyo
New missionaries in the mission van on their way to the Freetown Sister's Apartment. The Elders will stay with our Assistants, Elder Otanyiuwa and Elder Wuthrich tonight.  Orientation and a dinner tomorrow at the Mission Home.  Thursday, Elder Losee will go out to the Freetown East Zone (He will be in the same zone as Elder Richards whom he knows from Utah)  Elder Gherkins and Sister Apiyo will ride five hours on the bus to Bo--along with Elder Barth who was an assistant for a long time.  He is going to Kenema and excited.
Assistants "assisting"... helping with transfers.
Elder and Sister Burns taking Elder Sumrak and Elder Penia on a four-hour drive to Bo today. A great big Thank You, Elder and Sister Burns!  
Elder Sumrak is going to Bo! 
Elder Penia excited to go to Bo also!
Our Assistants in Sierra Leone, Elder Otanyiuwa and Elder Wuthrich.
Sisters Notoya, Togba, Edem and Arthur finishing their mission and going home from Sierra Leone tomorrow.  The other four sisters, who came out with them, go home from Liberia next week. 


Stan & Deb said...

Love your blog so much! Almost cried to see "Elder Dahlin's" name in print. He's ours! Thanks, Love, The Dahlin's.

grinchygreen said...

I love this blog. Can't wait for you to meet my son, Elder Park, on Sunday and see pictures of him posted here. He might be a little envious of Elder Gherkins who he became good friends with at the MTC and will be traveling with Elder Barth. Elder Barth's cousin is serving in the Singles Ward that Elder Park just left and he would have loved to have met him. Maybe later? We have had Elder Barth's cousin and his companion over for dinner and have showed him this blog. He was so excited to see his cousin on his mission so far away. I love the technology that makes all of this possible! Thank you for posting!

Sister Park

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm:dis is Elder laah 4rm Nigeria,am very excited cause my call just arrived dis morning; am hoping to c u guy's very soon in sierra leone.