Saturday, November 17, 2012

To Liberia, branch split

This is the new hovercraft for crossing the waters to the airport.  It is so very smooth and fast across the water... maybe 20-25 minutes. It holds 80+ passengers. This is the way to go!  And a nice bus takes everyone to the airport in about 15 minutes.
The sky as we flew.  It was so beautiful.  A photo just doesn't capture the beauty totally.
Elder Harris and Elder Kouao with Elder Kirkham
On their way back to the apartment as we drove off...  Theirs is the one through the door by the yellow car and inside the blue balcony.  It isn't a clear picture but gives an idea where they live.
Elder Addo waiting for his interview with President Roggia.
Elders Mohlahatsa, Addo, Osifo, and Boakye.
Elder Buckman, so happy to get some mail!
These good sisters are some of the Bushrod Island District Auxiliary Leaders.
Brewersville Branch after the split two weeks ago.
Members of the new Banjor Branch!  The chapel is filled to capacity already; so, we anticipate another split in the future.
Ah-h, just love our missionaries!
Sister Kirkham and some of the Bushrod Island District auxiliary leaders
Cute little girl with bread...
Liked all the smiles.
Elder Willis and Elder Finau
Little girl with her scriptures.
Going home after all the excitement of the branch split.  Wonderful day!
I have more pictures of the new missionaries who arrived from the MTC on October 27, Zone Conferences and more to post in the upcoming days.

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