Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Couples Conference and Super P-day

We had a Couples Conference with our three Senior Couples.  It was a day at Lumley Beach with the Freetown East Zone, dinner at a Chinese place and then time to talk and some training.  It was fun to be with each other.
Playing volley ball
Elder Appleby
Lauritzens and Randalls
Elder Symons
The Schlehubers
A fun day for all
Elder Lambson and Elder Norton, companions in the MTC 2 years ago, and finishing mission as Assistants together in two weeks. L + N = First (MTC) and last transfer here.
President Roggia walking with the new Assistants to the sand to do some zone activities.
We wrote out "Laying da Foundation For Zion"
Freetown Zone!
Free form...
Couples Conference was, as our younger missionaries say, "SWEET"!
Our Freetown Zone Leaders, Elder Emanuelson and Elder Assumang.  Elder Emanuelson goes home in two weeks!
Just love these jumping pictures with the reflection...
Elder Purcell from America Samoa
 Elder Barth and Elder Appleby. The new Assistants.  They will drive with us to Liberia on Saturday.  New for Elder Barth but not Elder Appleby--he came back to Sierra Leone after about a year or more in Liberia recently.
HELP!  The Schlehubers stayed in our extra room while here from Bo.  The door in the bathroom locked on the outside.  They had a cell phone and sent a text to me.  I didn't see it; so they called President Roggia.  He was wondering why they were calling from the other room...
Here's the text I found on my phone!  We all had a big har har!
Since we are doing Specialized Training this month, we also had a day for a Sisters Conference with the Freetown Sisters! What a great week!  We are driving to Bo and Liberia on Saturday; so, we will post some pictures around the first week in July.  We will be on the road till then! 


Julie said...

Wonderful pictures! Looks like everyone is happy and healthy.

Michelle Kelly said...

My dad told me about this but the pictures are awesome! I know my parents LOVED the couples conference! Thanks so much for posting these fun pictures!

Nanna said...

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful the pictures are! I am especially touched to see the pictures of the incredible senior couples! What wonderful service they are giving to our missionaries and our dear President and Sister Roggia.
Thank you, thank you for the blog!!!

Annette Jensen said...

I am so happy my son, Elder McDonald will soon be in your loving care. I love seeing the love and closeeness in your mission. Thank you on behalf of all mission moms and dads for loving our sons.