Monday, January 9, 2012

Our Visit with Elder and Sister Curtis Jan 5-8

This weekend we had the blessing of having Elder and Sister Curtis visit the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission.  Our first stop was a drive to Bo to visit the Bo East Zone and the Bo West Zone.
    Elder Okeke and Elder Purcell playing "Called to Serve" as our prelude music prior to our Bo East and West Zone Conference.
Visiting with each missionaries...Sisters first....

Elder Stott handing out the mail that we brought from the Mission Office in Freetown.  Mail, always a crowd pleaser....
Our Bo Zones' Sister Missionaries...
When you think you have packed every little space, there is always room for more..
  (50 mph down the highway on our way to Bo about 8 a.m.)
                    Returning from Bo.  This is outside of Freetown---beautiful sunset!
              Freetown East and Freetown West Zones with Elder and Sister Curtis
          After shaking each of the missionaries hands, Elder and Sister Curtis met with the Freetown Zones.  We received wonderful instruction from both of them. 
           Elder Afadi finishes his mission next week (Elder Walker behind him)
Assistants with Elder and Sister Curtis
After the Devotional...
Elder Wood following Elder Priddis in the van after driving onto the ferry on Government Wharf in Freetown. 
Elder and Sister Randall with Elder Priddis and Elder Wood on the ferry prior to it pushing off the dock.
Always love to see the boats...
Sierra Leone colors waving as they sail along.

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