Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An Office Elder Meeting and West Africa travels

Elder Hickey and Elder Allred talking with Elder Patterson about plans for Bo.  Elder Allred will be going there as an office elder and training a new missionary from the Ghana MTC.  He will be doing lots of multitasking plus opening a new area to missionary work. Because we are going from 60 missionaries to 94-100 in the next coming months, he will help find apartments and gather the furnishings for them .  Elder Hickey will be working the apartments and furnishings in Freetown with another elder that he will train because he finishes his mission in August.
This was just a fantastic sunset the other night in Freetown!
Huts on the road to Bo.  The highway is new and great to drive on.  I love to see the huts and the craftsmanship that goes into them.
See the hanging wet clothes on bamboo poles?  As a young girl on the farm in Montana, I remember hanging clothes on the fence to dry, too.
This is some of the highway going back to Freetown from Bo.
 Recently, I split a tooth.  It didn't hurt any but I knew it couldn't last too long in that condition.  While in Ghana a few weeks ago, the area doctor made an appointment for me with a competent dentist.  This was his dental office parked next to....
his actual dental building where I had a cleaning.
On the flight to Ghana
Back to Freetown

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